Vr sli?

I’m aware that UE4 doesn’t support SLI in the traditional sense, but I saw several announcements in late 2015 about it supporting nVidia’s VR SLI. I’ve searched around but haven’t found clear answers:

  1. Is this available yet? If not, do we have an ETA on availability?
  2. Does this require something like nVidia’s GameWorks? If so, do we need to license it or is this particular feature free?

No engines are supporting VR SLI or crossfire at the moment.

I would say it’s pretty unlikely to actually get merged back into Unreal core but if you keep an eye on the gameworks Unreal branch on github they may put something up there for it. It could already be there actually, I haven’t checked in months.

Thanks! I’m curious, why do you feel it’s unlikely it’ll get merged into Unreal core? Seems strange that Epic and nVidia would announce something that’s wouldn’t wind up in the core.

Because Epic is against doing hardware specific type things in Unreal. Locking capabilities down to just Nvidia cards or just AMD is not something they seem keen on doing, thats why all the gameworks stuff even though it’s free is only in Nvidia’s branches.

Perhaps they are working with both suppliers though and will implement a method for multi gpu vr rendering. We shall find out soon enough I guess.