VR SLI nvidia


How can I use the VR SLI from nVidia ? Do I need to recompile the engine ? Or maybe 4.10 will have the ability to run 2 cards in SLI mode?

If I remember correctly, UE4 doesn’t support alternate frame rendering, making SLI/Crossfire impossible.

Hope to have official support for this!

Unfortunately at this time UE4 does not support SLi. This is due to SLi not working so well with the gBuffer in deferred rendering applications.

He’s talking about vr sli which is a card per eye so it doesn’t have the same implications for temporal based effects. The answer to the question is probably that it’s not implemented, but epic are looking at a general multi-gpu solution for vr (see trello roadmap).


Yes, I meant to use 2x GTX 970 cards per use for VR. This is new tech from nVidia and this is one of the most important feature of those cards for VR. :slight_smile: