VR reflection issue - HMD visible

I have encountered this issue in VR when creating a reflective material where it seems that the HMD is visible in the reflection. Here is what I mean:
Material Domain:Surface
Blend Mode: Opaque
Shading model: Default Lit
Parameters: A constant 3Vector which is white for Base Color, full metallic, zero roughness. and that’s it

Any idea on why am I seeing the HMD in the reflections ?

Alright, I have a temporary solution but I think this should be fixed on Unreal’s side. What fixes this issue is disabling Screen Space Reflections in a PostProcessVolume set to Unbound. This is not a good permanent solution for the obvious reasons…but it removes the HMD’s reflection (along with others). It’s worth mentioning that I tried to replicate this in a new, clean project and it makes no difference, the issue still appears.

…from the Unreal documentary…

Known VR Issues

Screen Space Reflections(SSR): While SSR will still work in VR the reflections that they produce could have issues matching up to what it is reflecting in the world. Instead of using SSR use Reflection Probes as they are much cheaper and do suffer less from reflection alignment issues.