VR Project question regarding Landscape Texturing

Cheers guys :wink:

I am currently working on a VR game project and im trying to figure out how to texture my ground, and what is commonly done in this situation.

I am building an amusement park thing, or something alike, and i have a fountain in the center and a path going to 3 booths.

Here is an example

Now the thing is, blending 2 materials in a landscape material is all good, but it just doesnt look very good, atleast not from my experience, and i was wondering how this is commonly done?

here is another screenshot where green is grass and dirt and blue is where the path is supposed to be

I considered making an ornament like large stone formation circular in substance designer and placing it on a plane under the fountain but then i cant figure out how to get the rocks ill be making looking good leading up to it, overall im just a bit lost when it comes to this part.

Sorry for taking your time! any suggestions are more than welcome :slight_smile: