VR Preview not Working right

I click on VR preview and it launches then I look around an my hands are across the room and not linked to my headset. I also cant see the teleport arc. so does this mean that my headset is not linking to the VR Pawn? I used the VR template and made a new Map. everything works right in the Motion controller map but in this new map I made it does not work.

How are you placing the VR Pawn in the new map? Using Player Start or directly? If you use Player Start, the Pawn is instantiated according to the GameMode (Default Pawn). It is likely that you have two pawns, the default one being in control of the HMD and another one directly in the level, which you are not in control of. This is why you see your hands far away and you cannot teleport.

Either you remove the Player Start and autopossess the Pawn which is placed directly in the level, or remove the pawn which is directly in the level and modify/override the GameMode so that Player Start instantiates the right pawn.


this is all I have in the map other than some items objects and boxes. I have not changed any of the settings in the editor. it is a fresh install of 4.16.3

also I have went though room scale setup in oculus as well as steam VR

In the Details of your VRPawn, set Auto Possess Player to Player 0. That should solve your issue.

sorry, new problem… when I try to teleport I can teleport. but I only teleport to where my hands are. I tried putting a new pawn into the motion controller map and everything works just fine once I set the auto possess player to player 0. but in this new map the sphere that indicates a collision collides with my hand. I looked for the last couple hours and didn’t see any difference between the two maps setting. but as you can tell I’m new to the whole VR setup so I might have missed something again.

It’s getting difficult to diagnose what your problem could be just from your description. Any chance you can at least post some screenshots of your Level/Pawn settings? Or make a short movie of what is happening and post it here?