vr.PixelDensity breaks the image (Screen Percentage too)

I’m building a game for GearVR,
I use “vr.PixelDensity 1.5” and its break the image, it’s stretching the image.
How to fix it? I was trying it on 4.19.1, and I also tried Screen Percentage in 4.18.3 also break the VR look.

Is there any workaround? It seems this bug is existing for quite some time.

probably bad stereo material ? I also have problem with pixeldensity but it is performance issue (galaxy s7).

Stereo material? I don’t use any stereo material, I have my level and I want to run it with 120% density. (vr.PixelDensity 1.2) but it doesn’t run due to this bug.

r.ScreenPercentage = 100
DynamicResolution = off
vr.PixelDensity = square root (1.2)

The problem has not been solved yet. I added *vr.PixelDensity = square root (1.2) *and it does’t change anything.

Then, it’s a bug. Report about it via bug submission form.

You should also report it to Oculus here: