VR packaging Issue

My project uses oculus rift and an xbox ONE controller, I know this isn’t optimal but it’s what the client wants, the problem I’m having is when I package the project the orientation and position seems to mess up, the HMD rotates around an offset position and the right stick on the controller moves slowly and not around the players position, when I reset the orientation its better but the right stick does nothing and forward and backward movement of the HMD is reversed. In the editor, the HMD works perfectly as I want, the right stick rotates the play area (blue grid) of the Oculus and the HMD works as expected. I’ve recreated this issue in test projects with different fps controller pawns. I’m working entirely in Blueprints and art so I have no idea about coding.

Are you sure your project settings properly refer to your GameMode/Default Pawn (in Maps and Modes?) There is a chance that your packaged project somehow reverts back to the standard VR pawn instead of using the intended one.

Another option is that your user is moving within the real space (which moves the VR Camera to match the HMD position) but your rotations take place around the pawn’s root component, which is now no longer aligned to the camera position. Reset Orientation and Position temporarily fixes the issue until your user moves again in real space.

If you need coherent room-scale movements you should look into handling rotations differently or use a plugin which does that for you, like Mordentral’s VR Expansion plugin.

My project settings are set up correctly, I believe, would it be worth making a custom game mode blueprint? I have a collision volume attached to the camera of my fps controller for opening doors and such, and it seems to use that one when I package the project, the problem is there seems to be a conflict between the HMD and the right stick where the HMD is rotating the oculus play area (blue grid) and the right stick is kind of moving it a bit but slowly and no tas intended. This only happens when I package the project, if I test it in the editor it works as intended. I’ll check out that plugin I think.

Does the 4.18 version work on 4.19?

There is a 4.19 version available. Check here: VR Expansion Plugin - VR and AR Development - Unreal Engine Forums

Thank you very much, managed to install that, you don’t happen to know any tutorials to get started with? I’m an artist and am fairly new to blueprints in general.

Glad it worked! Please check the forum post I referenced above, it contains links to all available resources and examples. There is a pretty comprehensive Wiki explaining the inner working. There are also YouTube movies @mordentral regularly makes to show the different features as he introduces them. If you don’t find what you are looking for, you can always ask on the forum. The author and other advanced users are usually very responsive and helpful.