VR packaged file is not worked (UE 4.24)

Hello everyone.

I developed a project in UE 4.24 VR mode. I set all required setting (as far as I knew) for packaging in this mode including, Editor Startup Map and Game Default Map, Build Configuration, Staging Directory, enabling both* Cook only maps* & Create compressed cooked packages, adding all of the levels that used in the project in List of maps to include in a packaged build, and enabling *Start in VR. *Also, I installedMicrosoft visual studio and .NET Framework SDK. The packaging process is done successfully, but I cannot open the .exe file.

Then I packaged the VR template of UE 4.24 and found out it cannot be opened, too. After that, I decided to package the VR template in UE 4.23 and without any problems I could run the .exe file.

Does anyone know what the problem is? Or is there any other required setting in UE 4.24?

Thanks :slight_smile: