VR or stander game play option

Hello, everyone, I was wondering if it’s possible to make VR or stander gameplay setting in my vr game what I mean by that is is it possible to make it so people can still play the game they just don’t need to have a VR setup only?? and can I do this in blueprints

Sure it is possible. Just take a look at the First Person Shooter template which comes with UE4. It is an example of a (very simple) project which works as a normal screen game and as a VR game. You can check inside how the presence of the HMD is detected and taken into account to alter, for example, the movement logic.

This said, I believe it is not trivial to create a game which works equally well, in all its aspects, both in VR and as a screen game. VR has special ways of interacting (e.g. grabbing with your hands) and moving around (teleportation etc.). Also the performance requirements of a VR experience are different and in general more demanding, leading you to make some compromises which may not be acceptable for a screen game. Think for example of most post processing which is not suited for VR.

There are so many differences to take into account that you may actually end up creating two games in one. Just my two cents. Other may share a different point of view.