VR multiplayer in UE4? IS IT EVER POSSIBLE since 4.13?


Can someone PLEASE help with the following:

When you launch project in CLIENT mode (either putting “Use Dedicated Server” on, or through advanced settings) VR just stops working.
Tried both Oculus/Vive. - the helmet just shows loading screen forever.
If you play offline or standalone - it works just fine, but when it is client - it just never works.
That’s the huge problem

Surfing the web and investigating the problem we found out that the problem comes back to 4.13 update, e.g. I cannot play VR multiplayer client side within editor. - UE4 AnswerHub

But still, after weeks of surfing and efforts we found no solution for this. We tried spawning Begin Play event manually, removing Loading Screens by different ways, investigated “Level Streaming” issues which tend to cause very similar problems, changed versions of editors, recompiled it from source etc. etc.

I don’t believe no one is creating multiplayer games for VR in Unreal Engine. So there definitely should be way to overcome this!

Does anyone have an idea where we should look for?

Are you using VR Preview?
For me Multiplayer VR with HTC Vive is working with the Multiplayer Options for ‘Number of Players’ and also ‘Run Dedicated Server’.

yes, VR Preview. How the hell it is working? We tried empty project on several different PCs. Just when you put “Dedicated server” checkmark - the helmet stops working.

Multiplayer Behavior for VR is tricky, and hard. but it’s there
I started with 4.11 with a open-source VR Template - before Unreal Engine VR Template Came out - and worked since then. all the way to 4.17 working on the project and updating it with every version. but the perfect solution was Proteus VR Template made by the Genius **Proteus <3 **
Here’s the article : Single/Multiplayer, Touch & Vive Proteus blueprint only Template - Unreal Engine Forums
Good luck