vr multiplayer development best practice

I am trying to develop a vr multiplayer fps, but since it’s impossible to launch two vr instance on one machine, it’s quite inefficient. How are you guys dealing with this problem?

I found, you do your normal development for VR as a single player to make sure your getting the right Frame rate target. then just use the normal desktop to make sure your are replicating. The last thing you could then do is, do a test with someone to make sure its working. the possible best way is to have a look at Epic’s multiplayer example project.

I do as much as I can without VR, the only thing I’ve had to actually setup multiplayer for so far was networked controller tracking and object grabbing, but only because motion controller input was being routed to both clients on my machine. You’d be surprised by how much you don’t actually need VR to develop for VR, e.g. make a standard FPS shooting mechanic with bullet traces, damage, ammo and such, but then just make the bullet shoot out of the gun model rather than the player camera.

Thank you guys for the advice, will definitely check the sample out.