VR Movment

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i´m having some trouble to figure out how not to move in the direction i´m looking through the oculus. at the moment if i press “forward” the camera/character is going in the direction i am looking. here is an example if i look forward and press “w” im moving forward, okay. if i press “a” and looking forward my character is moving to the right, also right. but if i´m looking to the left and press “w” my character should move right form my point of view, because i´m looking left but the orientation of the body is pointing forward and so he should moving in his view “forward”. i hope you can understand my issues.



Try this for starters.

Ok so I’ve seen this around but I dont get what this does and what the difference is from doing this in your character BP versus going into your camera manager and checking the box with the same name.


It’s the exact same thing if you have created your own player camera manager and are actually using it.

It’s just a convenient way to avoid creating a Class/Blueprint for that sole purpose.

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thanks for the reply. I did this in cpp code. Thanks!!

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