VR Motion Control Template - larger 'pickup' collision?

I’m creating a simple catch game using the VR Template with motion controls.

I have a simple ball mesh with projectile movement that I want to catch. However, the mesh size makes catching it difficult. Your timing needs to be perfect or the ball simply bounces off your fist. I want to create a larger ‘grab’ collision, so that there is a little more leeway with timing your catch.

Unless I misunderstand, the VR Template is only looking for overlapping meshes, so a collision box won’t work. I’ve tried a ‘hidden’ sphere mesh, but am running into a problem. For the projectilemovement component to work, my ball mesh needs to be the root component. So, I can’t place the mesh under this sphere collision mesh. I tried the other way around (collision-sphere mesh under the root mesh, but the controller doesn’t seem to be recognizing it - still only grabbing when overlap the ball mesh).

How would I work around this?

for my project I had to extend the grab radius as well. I simply changed the size of the “GrabSphere” Component in the “BP_MotionController”. Perhaps this works for you too…


Thanks! Now, after doing so, I find that the projectiles are still bouncing off my hand most of the time, even when I know I’m catching it within range. (I even tried making the sphere ridiculously large, the items are still bouncing off my hands a lot of the time).

I can pick the projectiles up no problem once they’ve landed and are stationary, but not when they are flying through the air. Any idea why this might be happening?

mmmh, so sometimes it workes and sometimes it does not? Have you tried if this related to the size of your ball mesh? I had some issues with small objects which the physics engine could not handle correctly…