VR Inventory Issues

Hello All,

After multiple days of trouble shooting, searching the forums, and pouring through the documentation I’m turning to the forums for assistance. I’m adapting a regular third person tutorial inventory system for my VR project. I’ve hit a road block as picked up items don’t appear in my inventory panel. I’ve narrowed it down to one variable that isn’t working for VR (Oculus). Basically, in my BP_Motioncontrollerpawn blueprint I promoted a variable that’s a return value of my “create widget” node called “Inventory Reference”. This is used a few other times throughout the blueprint and other associated blueprints. To get the widget to show up I’m using a toggle visibility function. I just forced in the create widget to try and make it work. My question is, for a VR adaptation what should this variable be replaced with? I’ve tried many different variables and nothing is working. I’ll include several screenshots. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!