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Hey Guys, Just bought the plugin, I am Developing on a Oculus Quest / (Works similar to Rift). Do you think you could Share those offsets with me?The 4.22 Singleplayer map works perfect with Oculus Quest after resetting the hand offset but there is no ReplicateFullBodyState for multiplayer replication like in the 4.20 Muliplayer demo. Can the multiplayer replication be added to the 4.22 Version? In the 4.20 Muliplayer demo the pawns arms are bent / not fully extended. and not as good as in in the 4.22 singleplayer demo.

I also get the issue Rareden mentions about when you crouch down to pick something off the ground, if you look at your feet, your legs will do a 90degree sometimes 180 degree rotation , seperate from your torso and arms.


Hey Yuri, basically at the moment I am trying to get multiplayer and replication working on 4.24. I assume the Single-player demo would not work for multiplayer (replication).

When trying to upgrade the 4.20 Multiplayer demo to version 4.24 It wont compile and I get this error

Error Could not find definition for module ‘SteamVRController’, (referenced via Target -> VRIKBodyDemo.Build.cs) VRIKBodyDemo C:\beyond\VRIKBody_Project_420(multiplayer)\VRIKBodyDemo\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\UnrealBuildTool 1

Would it be possible to release a multiplayer working version for 4.24 or modify the single-player demo to work with replication?. My project is using 4.24. Cheers!

Good News . Yuri Contacted me and said a new Multiplayer Demo will be released which fixes the compile problem with 4.24+. !

Heres the offsets our users seem to find correct that we are using. These are for world scale at default 100, if you change the scale you need to linearly scale these with it and set them again in the VRIKbody component.
I resolved the body flipping issue some time ago, i would have to look through the code again to find what i did.
Theres no real need i found for replicating the fullbody state unless you really need the cpu time, even when i modified this to support vive full body tracking i just replicate the tracker relative transforms then do the rest on the client.

/* VR Controler hand offsets, found by users and trial and error */
static FTransform HandOffset_Index = FTransform(FRotator(5.0f, -15.0f, -10.0f).Quaternion(), FVector(-13.7f, -3.22f, -1.f), FVector(1, 1, 1));
static FTransform HandOffset_ViveWand = FTransform(FRotator(-3.37f, -50.f, -4.5f).Quaternion(), FVector(-15.7f, -1.78f, -6.f), FVector(1, 1, 1));
static FTransform HandOffset_OculusCV1 = FTransform(FRotator(2.5f, 7.5f, 10.5f).Quaternion(), FVector(-16.f, -3.f, -6.f), FVector(1, 1, 1));
static FTransform HandOffset_WMR = FTransform(FRotator(14.132f, -1.971f, 2.5f).Quaternion(), FVector(-0.7, .22f, -1.85f), FVector(1, 1, 1));

i just bought this plugin and i cant get it to work.

  • I download the example project and the vr pawn just walks around in t pose and if I press trigger button another pawn flaps its hands every time I press trigger.

what am I missing here? I am totally confused, is this how the example project should be? 1 moveable pawn in t pose with the other pawn just standing there moving its hands up and down when I press the trigger buttons?*

You’re supposed to assume the pose shown by the “flapping” actor and press trigger when you’re in it in order to calibrate the plugin. Match the pose twice and the calibration helper will disappear and IK will be enabled.

ok. now I under stand now. I noticed the multiplayer example project for 4.24 the player is half way in the ground, is there anyway to fix it?

in the single player it works fine for calibration.

but if you downloaded the newest project calibrate and make a new map, the player is always floating off the ground. how do we fix these issues?

  1. When I updated the plugin from 4.23 to 4.25I started having issues with calibration. Only the arms would get calibrated (bones lower upperarm_r & upperarm_l)

  2. Tried setting ComputerLegsIK to false but the leg IK would not disable. Also tried BlendLegsToVRBody for lower body animations with strafe blendspace

can someone help setting this up with vr expansion plugin?

I cant get the grips to work, I get motion from the controllers but I cant pick anything up

If you still expereince the issue, please write me at

Help with Multiplayer

Please, I’m not a programmer, and I’m looking to do the multiplayer setup.

I am very confused with your multiplayer example, is it necessary to have the BIN and create that whole scenario?

Can I remove all that and use a standard blueprint widget for connection?

have any specific documentation for the MP?
At the level after the connection is it necessary to have the bIN and BP_MultyplayerScene?

Thank you

Hi Yuri,
I have a problem with VR preview after updating ue4 4.25.3.

I tried to change resolution and add some nodes to exchange the spectator mode, but failed.
And, I found the similar issue in this link:http://…f-what-it.html

Please give me some hands,
Are there anybody who are faced to the same issue with VRMocap or IKBody sample project ?

Even, I can not use the under version of unreal engine because of steamVRTrackerLib.


Download 4.25 demo project and copy Plugins/SteamVRTrackerLib to your current project.

does anyone have any examples on how to get this to replicate as HOST.

right now everything works if I join a server, but if I host a server it walks around in a T pose.

Can someone please help? Has anyone else here had this issue before? I cant be the only one

I tried all these ways and still is comes in with the T pose

I tried calling the restore calibrated body on the main parent blueprint , I added code to the player state and I used both set ups bellow to try to get it to work and still it doesnt work

do I need code on the level blueprint for all this to work? am I missing a step?

I’m trying to turn True the “Lock Shoulder Rotation”
But even true, when I twist my wrists, the shoulder follow it…
Can someone help me?

Hi when is version 4.26 plugin going to be available?

the plugin stopped working at 4.25 for me,

if I used 4.26 and try to play in client mode, I cant move the VR guy, does it work for you?

I was hoping 4.26.1 would fix it but it didnt

When you change the height of the character’s world coordinates, the movement animation will be invalid, and the default pose will be changed. The map is multi floor, and I don’t want to be limited by one floor

I was able to get the demo project working with 4.26 today. It was doing the same thing some some other people reported where you can see your hands moving but can’t start the calibration. I looked at BP_PlayerCharacter and BP_PlayerPawn and noticed that all the input events had warnings. I added new input actions and axis bindings for my Valve Index controllers and changed the blueprints to use those instead of the MotionController ones. After doing that it seems to work fine. I’m still pretty new to Unreal so this might not be the best way. Just thought that might be helpful to someone.

what happens when you play the game in client mode? are you stuck in the ground and cant move?