VR HUD doesn't look duplicated with Occulus, but it does with HTC Vive

Hello everybody!

I’m using drawing some texts using UCanvas:: DrawItem and also a DrawTexture in a HUD blueprint and, as expected, it looks doubled when I’m using the HTC Vive headset. But I was really surprised when I plugged a Occulus DK2 and the same project (without any changes) showed the text and the texture correctly.

Do anyone knows why it looks correct? Is the Occulus plugin applying some offset to the render for each eye? If this is the case, which focal distance is using and based on what?

Ok, I found the answer. The HUD looks correct because OculusRiftHMD.cpp overrides GetOrthoProjection() and SteamVRHMD.cpp doesn’t.

Do anyone found/wrote an implementation for SteamVRHMD?

did you find a solution for this yet?