VR how to package direct to rift mode?

Hi fellas, really wondering where the option is for this? I’m not able to figure it out.

Thanks for any help.

Two separate packages is a Unity thing…

In UE4 the same exe will work in both modes! :cool:

Thanks for the reply PatimPatam,

I realized that you just have to press alt enter and it enters the rift in direct mode. It’s still a bit inelegant though. Isn’t there a way to have it so that it enters the rift automatically? Rather than having to press alt enter?

Seems performance has slowed as well, I’m getting that much talked about 37 fps. :s

You can add a level blueprint like this:
Event_Begin_play -> execute console command “FULLSCREEN”

That will make the game run fullscreen at startup and Oculus mode will be enabled if a HMD is present.
To improved fps performance use the scalability settings. You can set them at startup with the execute console command too.

i cann’t find about ALT+Enter bind blueprint:confused: