VR headset + live MOCAP controls

Hey! I am having some issues deciding how to tackle my project and I was hoping if you guys could direct me with the right approach.
My project involves VR headset, unreal 4 and MOCAP studio. I want to combine all 3 together to create a immersive VR experience, however I am now facing several issues, one of which is studio limitation, I can’t see if I could use Oculus Rift because of cabling and the MOCAP studio ain’t fit to organise the wires from the subject to the PC. Now, my thoughts came to conclusion that I could sacrifice graphics and use Samsung VR gear for wireless solution, however is it possible to control the movements within the mobile game using Live MOCAP via Unreal? Another way would be some kind of low latency DVI wireless transmitter ( we already have a HDMI one but doesnt work with DK2!) but the issues with that is cost and the latency.

Please, it would be extremely helpful for some insights on this , thank you.

VR & Wireless isn’t viable, right now. Strap a powerful laptop onto the back of your players :slight_smile: