VR Game with Interface and Map


sorry if someone else had postet this too…i didn´t found it! I bought HAL Archviz Toolkid V1 in the marketplace and
made an simulation with it. I really liked the map in the interface. Now i want to make a simulation in VR with an htc vive!
But the Map from the toolkid didn´t work in it! Does anyone know where i can buy or build my own blueprint to get a
map with may position in the level in Unreal engine 4?? If it helped i can make screenshots from it then i am at my own PC again.


I don´t know the toolkit and you can only buy what exists. Where you can build your own blueprint? You can always build your own blueprint. Where? In the Editor…

VR is not different from normal gameplay, its just how you view stuff and interact. The map should work as playing it the first person way, but not within the HUD. You can’t use a HUD in VR. Make an Actor, add a Widget Component and set the widget class to the widget of the map. If the map is embedded in the HUD you would need to extract it and build it into is own widget.

For more info: Search for Widget Component/ 3D Widget