VR Experience based of INSIDE (looking for a team)

Hey there!

My name is Dylan, I’m an 19-year student and a VR enthusiast! (and gaming in general) I have been looking AGES for other UE4 hobbyists, but I can’t seem to find any!
I have been wanting to create a VR Experience based around the game INSIDE, by Playdead. However, I have zero/a tiny bit of experience with UE4. I am looking for a small team of people who are willing to create something REALLY cool in their* free time.*

If you want more info and/or are interested to take part on this project, please let me know!


Hi Dylan,

I believe the best way to attract some other people to your project is to get it started yourself and share your progresses on the forum (or on reddit for example). You can also ask for help here if you get stuck.
This is a great way to learn and, at the same time, gain visibility for your work.

Good luck with it!


Interesting… I have spent some time thinking about where VR really works and story telling seems to be a strength.
INSIDE heavily relies on its mastery of artwork and atmosphere to engage the player.

Replicating this with VR would be amazing, however it would be an effort from many high skilled disciplines.

Are you an artist who can create the same level of visual quality as INSIDE?