VR Expansion Tutorials?

is there any tutorial that goes though on how to actually get started with VR expansion? it seams to have a lot of potential, i cant even get the grip actor to work :stuck_out_tongue: as i have no idea on how to even start, any form of tutorials please link them down below i tried looking at the bitbucket wiki thing but it did not help me at all. thanks in advanced!

i have looked at the template project as well but its super messy so cant understand anything there either, i want climbing and teleport to work and grip actors :3

I’ve been having a hard time too.
In terms of teleportation, have you tried loading the controller map? It’s under the the VirtualRealityBP/Maps/MotionController … That makes it so you can teleport and pick up blocks. It took me a month to find that.

trying my own versions atm, but when i added rotation it messed up my teleport so right now i’am trying to fix so i have a locomotion that works good with what i’am trying todo :confused: wish i could use VR Expansion, but he said there will be tutorials in the feature so hopefully then i can get into that ^^

Sorry I didn’t even realize you were talking about a plugin. Sounds neat… I’m looking that up now.

is there any tutorials yet? cuss i’am having a hard time finding good documentation on this that actually explains how to set things up :P, once i learn it either the “hard” way or though tutorials, i will be making tutorials on it, so more people can use it :slight_smile: