VR Expansion Plugin Gripping Issue

Hi, its me again. So I’m starting to have a better understanding of blueprints and I tried to tackle the VRGripInterface that is built in with the plugin instead of using the basic gripping mechanic built with Unreal’s VR Template. Everything was going smoothly until I came upon this issue.
I don’t know where I messed up on.

It says my variable is out of scope.

What should the variable be? I had it as a primitive component then to an actor component but I’m so confused what those even mean. Some explain and help please. Also thanks a lot for checking this out! I really appriciate all the tips and help I get from you wonderful people.

Also I put the full image on but it’s showing a bad resolution after I submit the issue. Don’t know what to do for that either…

Oh man the resolution is crap give me a second image_164365.png