VR: Enemies won't aim at player

Hi all, I have a VR shooter for my university project and we’ve started to fine tune our enemies. The problem however is that they arent facing the player when they shoot.

The blueprint is quite simple as all they need to do is aim at the player and shoot but they just wont aim correctly on the Y Axis. Has anyone else had this issue and if you have can you please help?
Many Thanks

You are setting the world rotation of the arrow component. You should set world rotation of the capsule component. (Change the input in SetWorldRotation node from arrow to capsule component of your AI character)

When I set the capsule to rotate it will only rotate the capsule, he just aims down the axis its facing. When the arrow is on the capsule it will rotate to face the player find on the Z axis but he still aims above the player on the Y axis