Vr Confetti but not FX

Trying to create a balloon that pops and once popped confetti comes out and you can interact with the confetti. This is not a particle effect but rather an object that can be interacted with once the balloon pops. Any pointers would be great. Thank you everyone.

Sounds to me like you need particles. Just create an actor , give it an on hit event , and when that’s triggered spawn some particle confetti. All possible within blueprints.

Look up “spawn actor at another actors location”. That should help get you started.

@Wxstern Awesome thank you. I’ll start there.

@Wxstern It works the only problem is that it disappears after a while and wont stop looping which is something I don’t want it to do I want it to stop and be an object I can then get rid of through another object like creating a vacuum.

What about hierarchical instanced static meshes with customized simulate physics settings and randomized initial locations? You could use several components so as to limit draw-calls on a per color basis.
Its going to be WAY heavier than using niagara though…