vr camera

When I put a camera in my pawn ,I can see the scene when I put on the vr glasses.When I remove the camera in my pawn ,I can still see the scene when I put on the vr glass.
Can anyone explain why this happens?

I believe Unreal adds a camera for you when you play, if you don’t do it yourself. As soon as you want something to be attached to the camera though (like a headlamp or something like that), you’ll want to add your own, because you need to parent such objects to the camera.

Recently,I come across a strange problem.UG3S0SY7GK{ME7342X4)XFF.png
I put the camera in the back of the seat.However,when I put on the vr glass,my position is well above the seat and I overlooked the seat.
I have no idea what is going wrong.

Which version of VR are you using? If it uses positional tracking it will move to the camera to where it believe the camera actually is in real space.