VR and Post Process Material

Hi all,

I’m having a bit of a problem with my post process material and I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with trying to get it to work with the rift. I’d be extremely grateful if any of you would be able to help me out.

Basically I am trying to recreate the effects of Age Related Macular Degeneration which is a condition in which the centre of your vision becomes distorted and blurry but the peripherals remain as normal.

I’ve followed a tutorial by Eat3D to create the distorted effect and I’m quite happy with how it looks in the normal editor window. However, it doesn’t map correctly in VR and the best I can do is get to have an effect in one eye only or just to effect the peripheral of my view. I suspect the way I way I’ve set up the material is a bit of a bodge.

I’ve tried using the VR template set up by MitchemMC and I’ve tried the thread about applying different textures for each eye but I’ve not been able to figure it out.

I guess what I’m looking for is for my eyes to register the distortion in the middle of my vision, effecting the same portion of the screen as it does in the normal viewer.


For VR, you should remember that UVs act funny.

These are the coordinates in my experience:
The left eye’s UVs go from 0-0.25 on the X Axis, and from 0-0.5 on the Y axis.
The right eye’s UVs go from 0.25-0.5 on the X Axis, and from 0-0.5 on the Y axis.

I believe that what you’re seeing right now is your singular warp being stretched across both eyes.