VR and DX12

Every time I try DX12 and hope for performance gain in VR scenes I got worse performance than DX11. Doing a lot of industrial / design projects with Datasmith imported models with a lot of parts I want to harvest the main DX12 performance boost with many draw calls and fail so every time.
Are there secret settings for getting fast DX12 VR scenes?

DX12 isn’t really supported by Nvidia GPUs at the moment. 99% of the time you will see a performance decrease, no matter what. I believe some AMD GPUs do get some performance increases.

I would avoid using DX12. Just make sure your scene is optimised and you are using Forward Shading.

The thing with DX 12 is the following: It’s pre-installed on Windows 10 and no other DX is there.
Why is this important you ask?
I have a real big customer who want to be sold Unreal realtime presentations of all their products made by me and they are ranting about the need of Installing DX 11 on all their laptops and office computers which has a lot of IT implications and 99% the users lack the rights to do so.
I’ve managed to develop an very performant solution running smoothly even on Intel integrated GPUs and Windows MR systems and the whole thing is hanging in the balance because of the DX11/DX12 problem with Windows 10 and Unreal.

Did you actually test that you can run a DX12-only UE4 packaged application on a fresh Windows 10 system without having to install anything at all, or are you just saying it because you read it somewhere about DX12 being Windows 10 only?

As I read it, the OP is saying its hassle at the client site to get DX11 installed… As Win10 only comes with DX12 pre-installed (the default)… Typically corporate IT don’t like installing anything that’s non standard at sites, as its more maintenance for them and can lead to stability problems / conflicts / DLL hell etc.