VR 3D Widget can't Spawn nor Interact

eyy baess VR Development 3D Widget question: (4,12)
When I spawn a 3D Widget in a computer I can spawn it no prob but when I try in VR mode to spawn a 3D Widget or interact with one already in the scene I can’t either spawn or interact with it. :frowning: :frowning:

  1. create widget
  2. create blueprint with widget component
  3. create input in character that creates the blueprint with the widget component
  4. rip cant interact or spawn in vr

I’ve seen threads that say that to interact with you need to make a collision box but I need to do scrollbox and use dynamic arrays in it, does anyone know if there’s a way to do so in VR?

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For anyone with the same problem…
Here’s a stream from UE4 in september 2015 with timings of when they make mention of the VR menus

hope this help

Couldn’t find any more documentation on how to make a VR menu… VR UMG LineTrace is not implemented yet in ue4 and they program the menus inside the blueprint. idk how come epic games have the VR editor out and yet still have the 3D widget still experimental and without the trace implemented. =(