Voxmerge textures/Materials and other..

Hi all!
I’m very new to UE4 and I am slowly getting to grips with blocking out levels/ crudely modeling objects using simple blocks/shapes.

I recently turned on the plugins for modeling.
Voxmerge is fantastic for making things (when it is not crashing)
My questions are…

Is there a way to apply textures/materials to individual faces
with a voxmerged mesh ?

Is there a way to stretch, compress, pan, scale or modify textures and materials on voxmerged meshes ?
because I do not see the options for this in the same way I see them when using a block from the geometry tab.

is there a way to apply a chamfer/ countersync or just round an edge on blocks ?

Is there a way to merge blocks of geometry the same way voxmerge does with primitive shapes ?

Are these things possible in unreal engine or should I be learning to use another software for making these things ?
I heard that blender is the easiest to learn ?

These are just a few of the things haulting my progress at the moment, any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!