Voxel Terrain?

I have read previous posts regarding cubuiqity, and random voxel generators,
however They don’t seem to offer an out of the box working way to building a block style terrain.

I can build stuff in qubicle, unfortunately limited to working in chunks of 128x128x128 and can be difficult overall for large terrains.
I want to design the terrain “Islands” block by block. I am unsure how to achieve this correctly.

Anyone done something like this? Am I starting this conversation off right?

lol yup TerraVox smooth voxel terrain for Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube. Blueprinted

hmm I tried downloading that but my anti virus claimed the .exe was infected… seems unlikely but who knows.

I am just curious what exactly blueprints have to do with a system like that, seems like it is doing way too much to be entirely blueprint driven.

Yea I talked to Sanders today. He has takin it down and is undecided on what to do so. send him an email of what he should do lol. I told him that make it an open source for all or finish up and place on market.

ok cool. I sent him a note about it as well just in case. I know certain anti virus errors like this can be erroneous sometimes.