Volumtric Light in UE4?

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Lights Type in UDK are Volumetric Light…But in UE4.x not Exist Volumetric Light!!! Why?
How Active Volumetric Light in UE4.4?


UDK does not have volumetric lights, and neither does UE4.

UDK does however have a ‘god ray’ light shaft post process effect (that is frankly a rubbish and not really usable). The majority of ‘volumetric’ lighting is usually handled with static meshes with a simple material. Unreal 4 is the same, you can enable light shafts on your light sources, or you can use static meshes.

True volumetric light shafts are however on the backlog of the rendering team, so we might (and I really hope so) see it in the future.

That’d be nice to see - but it needs to be done properly, no half-arsing :slight_smile:

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