Volumetric Shadows don't work with lights that have Distance Field Shadows

I’m not sure if this is a bug or conflicting rendering techniques, but if I have a point light or any light for that matter with distance field shadowing active, it will no longer cast volumetric shadowing. Anyone know a solution to this? I’ll ditch the volumetric shadowing worse case but I’d like to get both working. (Note this is with a purely dynamic lighting setup)

Distance field shadows for shadowing volumetric fog is unsupported.

However… There is a hack people use for raytraced shadows that may work here as well Mix Volumetric Fog & Raytraced Shadows the RIGHT Way (Unreal Engine 4.26) - YouTube

Basically you use a second light without raytraced shadows (or DF shadows in your case) for the fog. Course it means paying the cost for casting two different kinds of shadows but well… you’ll have to decide if that’s worth it.

Thanks Arkiras, I was thinking along the same lines for that work around. I misinterpreted the documentation thinking that it only didn’t work if Ray Tracing was enabled.

Yeah, that’s understandable.

Distance field shadows are technically raytraced, but it’s not the same as the modern hardware raytracing that is in the engine and doesn’t require enabling “raytracing”. So at some point they renamed “raytraced distance field shadows” to just “distance field shadows” to avoid confusion. But a lot of the documentation was never updated.