Volumetric Lights/SSS Curtains

Hi guys!I’m currently doing an interior environment with some curtains and wanted to know,is there a way to add volumetric lighting from the outside that can pass though the curtains,giving that sun rays effect? I have SSS on my curtains so yes,lights already pass through but I’d like to give that little effect of volumetric lighting.

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you use a directional light actor in your level and it’s within your view frustum, you can enable sun shafts and it’ll simulate that effect. I have another solution (link in my signature) on the marketplace that simulates the effect from any kind of light, without the light source needing to be within the view frustum.


Wow it’s a really nice option you got there!Is there a small tutorial on how to make everything works?I can see you can also have a ‘‘dust’’ effect which looks great!I’ll buy that for sure it’s really useful!:slight_smile: thanks!