Voicechat with OnlineSubsystemNull & more than 2 Players is buggy


When trying to use the voicechat integrated with OnlineSubsystemNull in LAN over a switch (so 10Mb/s, huge bandwidth), as soon as we are 3, the voice of the third player is completely cut and we can’t understand anything. The third player understand the two other ones well (with ~1/2s lag), and the two other ones understand each other well (with ~1/2s lag)

The client bandwidth is normally unlimited in the ini files. Does anyone have an idea to solve this problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No one? This is a really strange problem as this is the standard implementation with OnlineSubsystemNull. We also switched to a 1Gb/s switch but it’s the same.
Wonder if I will have to rewrite voicechat code (I hope not \o/).