Vodac, a game similar to Diablo 2...

Hello, I have been writing a story, and world building (on paper, not in a game engine) and have decided that I want to make a game.

I’m looking to make something similar to Diablo 2 in looks and functionality. I’ve played around with unity a bit, and my roommate has a college education using unreal, whereas I have no experience. I’m a fast learner so I’m pretty sure i could pick it up quick.

My project is a good bit more ambitious than Diablo 2(which took an educated team 2 years), and I know I’m currently nowhere near capable of succeeding with this task, but with our current technology I have hope(and lots of freetime)

I want this thread to keep going with me all the way to the end, so please, ask any questions and offer as much advice as you can.

I’m currently going through the unreal and unity tutorials, trying to see which engine will best fit my game. Because I’m looking for functionality and the old graphical style (isometric 2d, with some 3d elements) I need to make sure that the engine I choose will have everything I need.

I’m ready to lay everything I have on the table in this forum if I can get some support and response from the community. I also hope that by posting this, I might pick up a coder, and an artist, perhaps even someone to take care of the music eventually. I am not in a rush for these things, and understand that I need to have some work to show. So I am learning the engine as fast as i can to make some form of a prototype.

If you are interested in helping, guiding, general advice, questions, getting involved, or just hanging out while I work on this project, please leave a reply.

Look forward to meeting you all!

Well at least you’re not as delusional as most of the people that say “I have this great idea and I want a game that has 1 Billion different features, and I bet it’s super easy to do”.

I’d be interested to see it grow and even answer questions if I can help, if you actually keep going and provide the occasional update and it’d be cool to see a project grow from the very beginning.

So yeah I hope that you’re as ambitious about this as you pretend, as something like this usually dies off a few posts in. Good luck though!

Hi, are you intending this thread to be more for support or as a WIP thread for your project? I can move it to the appropriate section for either.

Technically both, currently I was just looking to talk about the game, it’s possibilities, and the difficulties that i will be facing.

I’m about to post some detailed information for the goals of my game, so I’m hoping to get some insight and possibly links to past post or guides.

But I am looking for help at any level.

If you have to move it, then send it to support, I can post the WIP stuff when I have something to show.

Vodac - Details and Goals

Here are details about the game, when I have time I will add a summary.

The Core Statement: Vodac is a fantasy role playing game about a world descending into oblivion where you have to fight through five acts to achieve either restoring order and peace, or bringing about the end of the world.

The Feature Set: The player will first create a character from a selection of factions, races and classes, after which players will set out acquiring skills, bolstering their own power and efficiency in combat. Along their conquest they will also find relics with varying functions, as an example some relics give control over powerful titans capable of mass destruction. The player will also continuously be finding new equipment making them even more formidable. The player will have to fight through huge open areas to acquire all these things and progress through the story.

Philosophy: An action adventure game of leveling skill and experiencing the story.

Character Creation: Vodac is not meant to feel restricting, therefore the player will be allowed to create a character from any combination of faction, race, and class. The combination of faction, race and class chosen will define where in the world the character will start. Vodac will feature races never before seen in any past form of fantasy worlds(i.e. no orcs, elves,etc.) with the exclusion of humans. Likewise many of the classes will be new, with some exceptions of old classes being re-imagined(i.e. when one thinks of a mage, the phrase “glass cannon” comes to mind, these classic designs will be abandoned.) Lastly the factions will start at good and evil and break down from there similar to this image:

Leveling up: Will be done through the gathering of experience which will be rewarded through various acts such as killing an enemy, fully exploring an area, or completing a quest. When a player character has gained a level they will increase their core attributes, gain a skill point which may be used to either unlock a new skill or increase the power of a pre-existing skill. Each class will have an extensive skill tree very different from conventional skill trees, in the sense that, no one ability will be unavailable due to choice of progression. Leveling up will also increase the chosen alignment rating, which will alter the way specific skills perform, along with having other effects on the story.

V Acts: There are five intended acts for the campaign, each will take place in a different area of the world. The progression of these locations changes dependant on the player character(faction, race, and alignment). The first act will however always function the same, it is the starting zone of the faction, race, class, and alignment chosen(similar to how World of Warcraft functions). Each act will increase in scope, larger areas to explore, higher difficulty, more numerous and larger enemies. The story will progress through each act and change based on decisions made by the player. Each zone will be randomly generated.

Combat: Will be fast paced and centered around proper use of skills according to the situation at hand. There will be a wide variety of enemies, who will have a rank system. Higher ranking units will be more rewarding kills

Equipment: Is generated from an intricate system of random generation, and comes in the form of weapons and wearables, along with other objects still in development. Equipment will be movable between different character saves. There will also be a way to improve equipment, similar to the gem and socket system used in Diablo.

Story: Varies from playthrough to playthrough, player choices and other randomized events will steer the course of the story. There are multiple main story lines in place, and each playthrough will follow these in generalization.

Failure State: Is an option similar to ‘hardcore mode’. This means that if selected during character creation, the player may make decisions, or be unsuccessful with an event/quest that will cause the player to fail at their main objective, ergo lose the game and be forced to start over.

Beating the game/new game +: At the end of the game, if the player is successful in completing their objective, they will be rewarded with not only the achievement, but also access to new equipment, higher level cap, more races/classes/skills. Most importantly they will be rewarded with a new game mode, that will open up the world even more, allowing for a less restricted play(similar to adventure mode in Diablo 3) Their most recent character will also make a cameo in the next playthrough either as an ally or enemy, based on the new characters faction/alignment. None of these things will be advertised with the game in any way, allowing for a more rewarding experience for the player.

Plot and Setting:
Vodac is set in a fantasy world, with multiple gods, magics, races and cultures, all of them unique, and all of them true. Since the beginning of time, life here has been a constant struggle. Titans roamed the world, consuming and destroying, but heroes created relics of great power granting them control over the titans. This led to a time of growth for all races, and with growth came war. With the natural order of things disturbed, the world started descending into chaos. Some wish to stop it, others desire the end to come and return the world to its natural state. The player’s character will be thrown right into the middle of the storm, due to the effects of the chaos being brought to the doorstep.

The world of Vodac will have a dark, broken tone. With initial zones feeling natural with only small problems, leading to later zones filled with war torn cities, and even catastrophic events.
The enemies and allies will be zone specific ranging from people seeking help to rushing over to kill you at first sight. Some people will offer you rewarding quest and other enemies will start challenging events. A unique race of off world invaders march from the north, destroying everything in the path. While an undead outbreak floods from the ocean in the west. Nations scramble their armies to face enemies on all sides, while sending their most powerful sorcerers to reclaim the lost relics to once again control the titans in this dark time. Alliances are formed and treaties broken in ruthless betrayals. These are dark times indeed.

Hi Zander89 - I am finding your idea very intriguing. I am a developer with experience in both UE and Unity (although, I do prefer UE). I am interested in your game and would like to discuss more about it. PM me if you’re still interested in pursuing it.