Vive + VR the image is not clear

The default screen resolution in VR Preview results in a blurry image on the Vive. Does anyone know what the optimal settings are for a sharp image? Thanks!

the image looks like do not autofocus, and is not clear.

it is different unter the editor, the picure quality looks bad than editor.

someone said:thats a bug of UE4, does it?

can anybody help me? Thanks, it is driving me crazy!

anybody is here?

I am here ,and I am chinese ,I konw the same to you , :slight_smile:

The TemporalAA seems to make the image very fuzzy. We’ve found that rendering with our screen percentage at 200% helps sharpen things up. However, that’s a very expensive method, so if your scene is heavy expect perf hits.

Otherwise, you can try using FXAA and see if it makes any difference.

Try setting the screen percentage with a console command:

r.ScreenPercentage 200

100 = bad
200 = alright
300 = good
400 = gtx 1080 can’t run it!

my screen was unplasent and blurry too, try to lower everything beside effects, resolution and textures and it will look as clear as your screen

You can also bump the resolution multiplier in the steamvr compositor by altering the steamvr config file. I don’t fully understand the render pipeline in terms of this setting but it does make output a lot clearer.

Don’t do that if you are using the r.ScreenPercentage as it is effectively the same thing.

Also Screen Percentage of 200 and above is probably a terrible idea as the perf hit is enormous, 100-180 is pretty generally accepted and it doesn’t look bad at 160. 200 Would be the max I would run anything on a 1080 at even until the new nvidia game features are in.

So changing the steamvr multiplier is effectively just changing the reported screen resolution to the engine then I suppose. In terms of performance, I’m using the oculus forward rendering branch which means although my scene consists of a huge landscape, I can run a screen percentage of 250 with no glitching. I’m awaiting the official forward renderer with baited breath! That among with nvidias multi projection branch is going to make my game sing!

I find that at standard resolution you experience a kind of long sightedness - in my game you control flying things at a distance but at 100% resolution they go blurry in the distance whereas at 200%+ it looks perfect.

With the forward renderer 200+ is probably more acceptable, but are you dropping to 45 and having interleaving set in or is it a stable 90?

It’s a perfect 90 with my 1080. My game also has a render target running the whole time to a screen on a gizmo you hold in your hand, so it’s doing a lot.