Vive + VR Preview Screen Resolution

The default screen resolution in VR Preview results in a blurry image on the Vive. Does anyone know what the optimal settings are for a sharp image?
my software is 4.12. In the editor, the image looks good, to output the image looks blurry, it looks like not autofocus.

And the Screen Resolution is samller than editor.

can anybody help(its driving me crazy), Thanks!

r.screenpercentage [30-300] Set the screen percentage. Use a higher number for better quality, and a lower one for better performance.

Have you tried my solution?

yes, i have tried it, but it still not clear

Is it a rendering window size problem or screen persentage problem? Does it affect VR Preview or packaged version?

Anyway, the problem with packaged version is real. My screenshots to compare

  1. launch with -vr in command line. It starts in 720p window and it’s extremely blurry in headset.
  2. launch without command line params with ‘stereo on’ command in GameMode::BeginPlay()
  3. launch without command line params with ‘stereo on’ command in GameMode::BeginPlay(), then ‘stereo off’, then ‘stereo on’ in console again.
    Comparing 2 and 3 i see noticable resolution difference. Look at the fps stat and console.

So it really looks like a bug.

Something happened (maybe in 4.12) that is now not pulling editor defaults into vr.

I’ve been adding console commands to the default level blueprint to adjust the resolution scale and other bits