Vive VR-Preview not working (Windows 10)

Hi Devs,

I cant get my Vive to work properly when in VR-Preview. I installed the SteamVR Plugin and its activated, also I used different VR-Templates to test the functionality, but as sson as i preview in VR, the Vive is not recognized and the movement of the HMD is not working. Also, when looking through the Vive while in VR-preview, I can only see the standard Vive enviroment with chaperone.

What am I doing wrong? btw, I updated from Win7 Pro to Win10 Pro without re-installing the drivers.


I found the problem, it was my secondary monitor which was plugged in. As soon as I removed it, the HMD works fine. Is there any way to use my secondary monitor and get the preview on the Vive? Basically im using 3 Monitors, 2 Desktop Monitors + the Vive.

I found a few ways around this.

Do you have multiple graphics cards? If so, make sure everything is running off the 1 card and use SLI mode. I couldn’t get direct mode or preview in UE4 to work running the 2 cards independently.
If you are running in extended mode, try shifting the vive monitor position to the top corner of the screen instead of on the side.
If you are getting the “compositor needs to be fullscreen” error and a red screen on the vive, alt+tab from the preview window and click the mouse into the vive display then click back into the preview window.

Plenty of oddities working with the vive at the moment thats for sure.

If you want to use HTC Vive, checkout the source of UE 4.12, and you can then also check out the VR Editor!!

You don’t need 4.12 to run the VR preview, just the VR editor