[VIVE] Viable framerate?


My GPU is a R9 390, it’s not great but not bad i would say…
I tested the new experimental mode to use UE4 in VR (4.12) maybe it is me but the framerate is so terrible that i don’t see much the point of allowing it?
I selected mobile/tablet, 2D/3D scalable and medium settings and on my Vive it’s litterally stuttering in an empty project when menus are open.

Actually, i would say i hardly ever seen UE4 at 90+ fps and i’m not sure UE4 is “fit” for VR. Always seemed to me like a really GPU expensive top engine and it is not allowing multi GPU…
Is there some people on there really being able to use this at all except for “the show”?

UE is pretty darn good for VR and so is your GPU. For example I’d suspect UE would kick Unitys behind in several cases when it comes to rendering complex scenes in 11ms, which is always hard no matter what, so you will need to know what and why you are doing when developing VR content.
Please check out the documentation: as well as sample projects oriented towards VR because chances are you are missing some obvious wins like enabling instanced stereo and disabling motion blur, maybe SSR and so on.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ok i will check these, thank you :slight_smile:

Something else to do is set PostProcessing to 0. You will get a massive increase in fps. The primary level of my project can have a max of around 900 objects, with 70+ of them in constant motion. I have a locked in 90+fps with making this one change in BP.
You may ask why it’s done in BP and not the .ini. Because this app is being setup for standard PC monitors and VR HDM’s, in a single exe. The Mac build will be based off it also.

Are you talking about using the actual editor in VR? Or are you talking about playing your project in VR?

If you are talking about doing editor work in VR then yes your going to get stuttering and such at this stage. It is VERY much a work in progress experimental feature that is still being developed and worked on.

But if you are talking about your project aka playing a game in VR then you really should have no issue with a empty project as long as you adjust your project setting to not cap the framerate at 60 fps.

The Vive can handle lower then 90 fps and still make it feel smooth in VR thanks in part to how it handles frame skipping and such. Fast action games will not do well below 90 fps though but it is possible.