[Vive] Screen clarity for a menu screen

Hey guys,

Just wondering how other people are dealing with this?

For my game it’s a very big complaint that the menu screen is not clear enough (to be honest, it looks pretty bad considering how nice the default SteamVR app looks)

By default i’m running a ScreenPercentage of 140, which is fine, and AA forced to off. I originally had this set a lot higher, but this was causing major issues for any people that had manually set Supersampling in there SteamVR client. CTD’s to be precise.

So i’m stuck at using 140 for now, and telling people to NOT manually set that stuff.
And providing a slider in the menu so people can up this if they wish.

But, it still doesn’t look that great.

On the menu screen it is 3D UMG widgets that are a flat surface that sits about 140u in front of the pawn. Widget size / resolution / scale doesn’t seem to help.
Also, if set to opaque, or masked, they seem to be a bit clearer.
Also, if moved to say 60u in front, and decreased in scale further, they do not look any better.

I really feel like i have tried everything, they appear VERY clear when right up in your face, but otherwise the quality gets bad quite quickly, and having them right up in your face just isn’t something that could work :wink:

Now i realise that there just isn’t a silver bullet for this (aside from say, MORE super sampling, lol), but i’m just wondering what others here are doing in regards to this?