Vive Motion controllers all messed up with Pawn

I had to switch my player from a character controller to a pawn but now when I set up my motion controllers (blueprint, +add component -motion controller, add box collison-drag onto motion controller-add static mesh-drag onto box collision) their axis is like inverted, the static mesh moves away from my controller and in my game that was made in the first person template duplicates the controllers static mesh and it moves in an almost mirror image (these both turn on different axis from each other)

Is this just a problem with pawns because i dont have this issue with character blueprints on any of my games. Unfortunately i cant use character blueprints because they make me float above the ground and the only way that worked to solve that was to change the base eye height in the blueprint and only pawns have that option, i tried a bunch of other things to fix the floating problem but it looks like i need to use a pawn.

Can you add some screenshots of the pawns setup?

The character blueprints needs to have a Camera Offset Scene transform as the root, where you control the height from the floor i.e.Z = -96 units worked for me.

Look under upgrading 4.10 projects.