[VIVE]How to get Room Center offset(or position)

I want get room center position in Unreal.

Does anyone knows how to get it?

The room “origin” is going to be on the floor and in the center of the play area.

If you use “Get Orientation and Position” from the Head Mounted Display Function Library, it will give you a relative offset from the origin in the play area.

I use 4.11 preview8
When I Use “Get Orientation and Position”.
the position is not relative offset from the origin.

if I call Reset Orientation and Position.

relative offset is change to zero.

so i can’t get Room center offset infomation.

The room center is the world location of the player class. The position of the HMD will be relative to that.

when i restart the vive and reset room setting.
position is right. thank your help.

If you have issues with hands not being where they are supposed to be, make sure there is nothing colliding with the player start capsule. Same if you’re not spawning in the right location. Sometimes SteamVR just needs a restart though.

Hm. And how to get playing area size and orientation?