[VIVE] Gamma Issues between Editor and Vive HMD

We’re working on a UE4.9 project on the Vive and are experiencing a lighting issue-- the gamma level in the Vive HMD appears to be much darker than the gamma we’re seeing in editor. We could tune the lighting in the headset, but that’s a really painful iteration loop, and it would be much better if we could just get the lighting right outside the headset.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?Anyone have a workaround?


Hmm, if it’s anything like the DK2’s low-persistence OLED display (hint: it is) the image will appear darker in the headset, the only way to correct for this is to mess with the gamma. Bare in mind that the consumer displays or a newer version of the SDK may correct for this issue so it might be best to make the correction a toggle-able setting that - it might be more than just LCDs being bad at proper color reproduction. It could be a bug too.