[VIVE] Confused how to setup Level Streaming with VR

How do you guys setup streaming levels with VR using the Motion Controllers?

ie if I start a new VR template, duplicate the “MotionControllerMap” three times and call them “000”, “001”, “002” where “000” will be my Persistent Level. I then add “001” and “002” in the Levels window and move their contents along the x-axis away from where the “000” level is. I then remove level “000”'s walls so I can see “001” and “002” appear when I add a begin and end overlap trigger in “000”.


But when I go to preview my VR i can’t teleport anywhere and my blue teleport line is extremely short.

Am I missing something in my setup? Is there a tutorial out there that could help me in this setup (I can only find streaming level tutorials for non VR setups).

Thanks in advance.

Do you have “Nav mesh bound Volumes” in your levels ?
You need them for Teleport to work.

If you are using streaming, you need the Nav Mesh volume in your persistent level. And you need to set Runtime Generation to Dynamic on the Recast actor.

Sweet thanks for that guys I had to move my Nav Mesh Volume into my persistent level.

Hi, I have the same problem. what is the solution for this application? is it enough to copy the nav mesh into the persistent level?