Visual Studios 2013 Memory Problem with UE4 with UT (at least)

Sometime my memory got very low, it append when I build or just by coding, each time VS start a lot of process called

Microsoft (R)Visual C++ Package Server (32 bit)

and use around 620mb, once at 620mb the process use 0% CPU and later another process start up doing the same **** until my 12 GB of RAM go to the thin air! I always need to kill all the process like few time per hours!

Is that normal or something UE4 do in background is not releasing correctly… I need help to resolve this! LOL tired of killing millions of process for nothing lol

Here a photo of the problem I have…


I have this same problem for my personal project in 4.7.6. Except it’s less severe, I only have 4 of those Package Servers, using about 300mb of memory each. Still! Why!

For me its totally random, right now I only have 2 at 620mb, previously its was my last screenshot, I don’t know why this append but I bet its related to all the .cs file in the project doing stuff while compiling, but what is strange is just coding without compiling do the same thing but a lot slower… not quite sure what is happening :slight_smile:

At least I am not alone!

There’s an answer to this question - Why is Visual Studio using so much memory? - UE4 AnswerHub

Such behavior explained by IntelliSense. You may either completely disable it, or restrict it. Personally, I decided to not disable IntelliSense, but set “Max Cached Translation Units” to 2. That restricted number of Visual C++ Package Server processes to 2.