Visual Studio for Unreal Engine 4?

Is there a book or online course that focuses on learning Visual Studio for Unreal Engine 4. I see a bunch of books, but nothing Unreal focused. Experts tell me its very important to understand your IDE. Someone know?

you can find on unreal youtube channle some videos and livestreams focusing on C++ in UE4

Thanks I know their is a lot content out there, but even when talking about C++, they never talk about Visual Studio. There should a comprehensive course teaching how to get the most out Visual Studio for Unreal Engine 4. The Visual Studio course I found focused on Azure and a lot of stuff that I probably will never use. Is there nothing out there?

There are none learning resources focused on vs + ue because they are pretty needless.
VS is pretty easy amd you will learn it on the go with othef ue c++ tuts, and if you find some problem with vs, you can google out it.

imho i don’t think that there is something special for UE4 in VS,

and for general C++ there is Tons of documentation you can find on the web

A very long road, which will require a lot of time

There isn’t much to learn unreal specific, it’s the same for all c++ projects. The most important parts are probably to know how to use the debugger, and to buy visual assist.

I see, are their any other upgrades to Visual Studio for UE4 that I should know about?