Visual Studio Express vs Full


Just wondering how essential is it to have the full version of visual studio? I have the express edition installed, it compiles a c++ project correctly but will there be / is there any issues / limits I need to know about?

When do I need to jump into C++ and get my code on?



they are pretty much 1 in the same, i know the full version (professional) allows you to have addons and macros. other than that no difference i really don’t think.

oh yeah, now that i think about it. no support for cross language debugging, no support for MFC or ATL. profiling tools, no options for crash dump generation, or architectural tools. also i dont think you can use the resource editor ?

It’s not essential to have the full version of Visual Studio. The express version is will do the trick just fine. Starting off your main limits will be your imagination and perseverance.

You can jump into C++ straight away if you want, or avoid it completely. There is no definitive answer here, it all depends on how you wish to tackle your learning \ project.

Thanks for the info guys.

I come from a coding background and am happy sitting in code all day every day, I just feel that there has been a disturbance in the force spending all my time looking at blueprints and UI parameters…


Express should be fine for you.

You can get free Professional Visual Studio licenses through Microsoft Dreamspark if you are a student or BizSpark if you are a new llc owner.