Visual Studio changes not saving?

Hi, newbie here,

I have downloaded the 4.4 UE4 source code from github, including ExampleOf files, built the 4.4 UE engine;

I try to edit a read-only blueprint in my project using File > Open Visual Studio in Unreal 4

After I make my changes and I’ve tried Save All, Build and Rebuild (Compile is grayed out)

When I open the project, none of my changes have occurred.

Please help, thanks in advance…


  1. go to the root level of your project,

right click on your entire project folder (for everything, even content)

  1. edit properties

  2. uncheck readonly

  3. apply your changes

Should be set now

Here’s a pic!



Thanks Rama,

Unfortunately your solution did not work (strangely), but it will help in the future.

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