Visual Studio 2019 freezes when building

Visual Studio keeps freezing when building, it just stops everything at UnrealEngine-UnrealEd.dll,
Theres no disk access and barely any cpu and memory usage, Ive reset my PC and tried fresh builds of UE4.27, Nothing works. Im loosing my mind over this please help

Ive left VS to compile for a day and it still doesn’t progress

I experience something like this several years ago.
It was RAM related.
Removed the bad stick and it was fine afterwards.
Suggest checking that first, even if its just to eliminate it as an issue.
See MemTest86


HI @Starcrater21 !!!
I am having the same problem constantly and it is impossible to work like this.

Has the problem been solved? How did you fix it? Did you correct it by passing memTest to it?


Seems it was just my PC having some driver issues, tbh idk what exactly caused it even to this day