Visual Studio 2019 cyclic crash when viewing Unreal project source

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to find any mention of this online but have had no luck. Whenever I try to open the VS solution generated by Unreal in VS2019 it will eventually crash. It generally happens after 1-2 minutes, at around the time that Intellisense finishes indexing the project, but I’ve tried disabling Intellisense and it still happens. When the crash occurs, VS will freeze briefly and then silently close down and restart itself. Makes it really hard to get anything done.

Anyone else experience this? Is there a know workaround? Or do I just need to go back to VS2017?

Thanks in advance!

Same thing has been happening to me for weeks, but I can’t find anyone else talking about this problem. I found some people saying it may have been git integration, but after disabling it I am still having the same problem. Does going back to VS2017 even help?